BEARS/OSOS: Works by Blake Little/Juan Antonio Siverio

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July 29th - August 22nd, 2015
Opening Friday, July 31st 6-8pm

Look Up Gallery in Guerneville is proud to present BEARS/OSOS: Works by Blake Little and Juan Antonio Siverio. Selected photographs from books by Blake Little: The Company of Men, Manifest and Preservation and large scale drawings by Juan Antonio Siverio create a show that explores the power of masculinity and depicts moments of bear life in new and compelling ways.

Photographs from the The Company of Men and Manifest document a particular gay community and subculture in a vivid way that has never been captured before. Little shows us his vision of male beauty that is quietly subversive and powerful. His subjects are revealed honestly through Little’s camera lens, the portraits capturing the individual and at the same time hinting at archetypes that are universal. Most importantly, Little’s images shatter mainstream stereotypes of homosexuality and underscore that masculinity lies beyond sexuality.

In his latest book Preservation, Little was intrigued by the juxtaposition of pure honey and human flesh, and was amazed by the transformations when the viscous substance was dripped, dribbled, and poured over various types of bodies, men and women, young and old. For the artist, honey has a way of diffusing the personal qualities of his subjects, often making them unrecognizable, democratizing their individual traits into something altogether different and universal. The Preservation photos in this show focus on the more hirsute models from this series and perfectly showcase the exciting intersection of bear men and honey.

Through Juan Antonio Siverio’s modern re-vindication of traditional drawing techniques we see an honest portrayal of everyday bear life. Siverio creates contemporary images with the delicate mediums of crayons and watercolors, always leaving the visible pencil grid beneath the paintings. His work is very detailed and refined, with complex shadows and lights. One can discover the architecture of each of Siverio's works by looking closely onto the surface of each one of his drawings.

Siverio lets the viewer see images of masculine men and their particular beauty. He unveils a clear and realistic look. His work is honest and that is what makes it so beautiful and sensitive. He brings out the most feelings of the person he draws, particularly their soft and vulnerable sides.

The show opens Lazy Bear Weekend, a unique celebratory gathering that has become one of the most important weekends of the year for the town of Guerneville.

Michael, 2012 1/9
22.5”x 30”H
Archival Pigment
Blake Little


Paul, 2012 2/9
22.5”x 30”H
Archival Pigment
Blake Little


43”x 60”H
watercolor and crayons on paper
Juan Antonio Siverio


Ross, Rooster Rock, OR 2012 1/7
17”x 22”H 
Archival Pigment Print
Blake Little


Brandon, Atlanta, GA 2006 4/7
17”x 22”H
Archival Pigment Print
Blake Little


Joel, Los Angeles, CA 2007 1/7
17” x 22”H
Archival Pigment Print
Blake Little


Brian, Atwater, CA 2005 1/7
17” x 22”H
Archival Pigment Print
Blake Little


Brad, Los Angeles, CA 2006 2/7
17” x 22”H
Archival Pigment Print
Blake Little


Mark, Fort Lauderdale, FL 2006 1/7
17” x 22”H
Archival Pigment Print
Blake Little


48”x 60”H
watercolor and crayons on paper
Juan Antonio Siverio


30”x 41”H
watercolor and crayons on paper
Juan Antonio Siverio


60”x 48”H
watercolor and crayons on paper
Juan Antonio Siverio


40”x 26”H
watercolor and crayons on paper
Juan Antonio Siverio


Blake Little

Born in Seattle, Washington, 1956

Lives and works in Los Angeles, California


1974-1978 University of Washington
1978-1980 Seattle Central College


March 2015


Paul Kopeikin Gallery, Los Angeles

January 2014

Gay Rodeo 1988-1992

Eiteljorg Museum. Indianapolis, IN

September 2011

“The Company of Men” Book Signing
Clamp Art Gallery, New York, NY

September 2011

“The Company of Men” Exhibition and Book Signing
Western Project, Los Angeles, CA

September 2008

“The Company of Men” Exhibition
Wessel O’Connor Fine Art, Brooklyn, NY

October 1996

“Dichotomy” Exhibition

G. Ray Hawkins Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

March 1995

“The Nude and The Contemporary Photograph” Group Exhibition
Tokyo Galleria, Tokyo, Japan.

September 1993

“Photographs, 1990-1994”

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November 1992

“The Nude: Classic Beauty” Group Exhibition
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July 1992

“Bare Essentials “ Group Exhibition
Couturier Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

April 1988

“Artist’s Images of Artists” Group Exhibition
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April 1986

“Light Sensitive VI” Group Exhibition

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September 1985

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September 1983

“Los Angeles Ballet” Group Exhibition
Bernard Jacobson Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

June 1992

“Industrial Architecture” Exhibition
Cameravision, Los Angeles, CA

Museum Collections

Santa Barbara Museum of Art


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Manifest, 2013, Creston Drive Press

The Company of Men, 2011, Creston Drive Press
Dichotomy, 1996, State of Man Publishing


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Blake Little is an award winning Los Angeles based photographer best known for his ability to capture, with an honest intimacy, the energy and personality of his subjects. His skills as a portrait photographer have garnered him a reputation as a favorite amongst celebrities, international publications, and corporate clients.

Little’s artistic work has been exhibited in New York, Seattle, Los Angeles and Japan and has resulted in four monographs, his first book Dichotomy in 1996, his second publication The Company of Men, 2010, Manifest, 2012 and Preservation, 2014. He is represented by the Paul Kopeikin Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.

Little has worked with Jeff Bridges, Julianne Moore, Steve Carell, Samuel Jackson, Gweneth Paltrow, Aaron Eckhart, Marcia Cross, Colin Powell, kd Lang, 50 Cent, Glenn Close, Jane Fonda, Jack Black, Adrien Brody, Jane Lynch and more. He shoots for such publications as London Times Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, People Magazine, Time, Los Angeles Magazine and ESPN Magazine.

Born and raised in Seattle, Washington, Little moved to LA in 1982 after graduating with a photography degree from Seattle’s Central College.

Juan Antonio Siverio

Juan Antonio Siverio, a native of Tenerife, lives and works in Denmark and Berlin. Born in 1976 and raised in the Canary Islands, he moved to Barcelona to finish studies in Fine Arts. His work comes from private (Spain, Germany, Italy, U.S.) and commercial commissions. His commercial clients have included BlancoSuite, Uno Models, Barcelona and several publications.